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It all started with a question, "Can I use hot water on Shabbat, Rabbi?"

And after hundreds of hours of engineering and hard work, you can now enjoy Shabbat to the fullest with the warmest water ever.

Wall Water Heater
Wall Water Heater


Our mission was to develop the first and only hot water system for Shabbat, and we did it! We were able to engineer a system that responds to any Halacha and Shita, that one may have with hot water on Shabbat.

And respectively be able to adapt the AMNON18 system to any type of hot water system that you may have.


"When we first installed the AMNON18 system, I couldn't believe how warm the water is on Shabbat and the stress free mind I suddenly had, knowing that the hot water is Kosher and that we can use it all over the house without any restrictions."

Rachel Hazenfratz.

Mother with Head Covering
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