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As your family grows, so do your hot water needs and this is why many families install a second hot water tank.

Whether you're already using the AMNON18 or thinking of installing one, AMNON18 is ready to help remove the stress of controlling the second hot water tank that we like to call the "GOY" tank.


With one AMNON18 system installed in your home, you may purchase the Second Tank module which will transform your complete hot water installation into a worry-free stressless automatic system.

Remember that by having one AMNON18 and 2 hot water tanks, one must close the water valve of the "GOY" tank at a specific time before Shabbat and should open it after Shabbat (same goes for Yom Tov). Without closing the "GOY" tank before Shabbat, your hot water will not be Kosher for Shabbat.

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