Will AMNON18 provide more hot water during the week ?

NO. AMNON18 doesn’t do miracles.

Can I change AMNON18 parameters by myself ?

YES. You may download the application and use it to change any parameter that you desire as many times as you want.

What if there’s a power failure ?

Thanks to a coin cell battery inside AMNON18, the date and time are always updated. The moment power comes back, AMNON18 will restart automatically with the current date and time.

Do I have to turn AMNON18 on before Shabbat ?

NO. AMNON18 works 24/7 around the clock so there’s nothing you have to do before Shabbat or Hag.

Can I take AMNON18 with me if I move ?

Absolutely! You may disconnect AMNON18 by a certified installer and re-install at your own convenience.

Is there a regular maintenance required on the system ?

Not at all. AMNON18 runs self-diagnostics regularly and/or continuously and in the eventuality of a problem it will advise you.

Can I mix any of AMNON18 parameters together ?

The system was built on the assumption that every home could select the parameters that fit best for its use.

I have 2 hot water tanks, what is there to do?

As a proud owner of 2 hot water tanks, you may purchase 2 AMNON18 systems if you need as much hot water on Shabbat than on Hol. Or, you can install onr AMNON18 system and about 30 minutes before Shabbat you have to close the valve of the hot water which is not controlled by AMNON18 (The Goy tank). On motzeh Shabbat you may re-open the valve of the Goy hot water tank.

I have a Gas hot water tank, is it compatible?

Absolutly yes. AMNON18 was designed to support Electric, Gas and Oil hot water tank with one little exception.... Your gas hot water tank must have electronic ignition (No pilot)


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