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AMNON18 Microcontroller is a Halachically approved 

solution for providing hot water on Shabbat.


Works with any type and size of hot water tank

AMNON18 is a fully automated Shabbat & Yom Tov hot water controller for the entire house. Finally, technology and Halacha are paired as one. A patented system that answers every halachic demand which lets you use hot water on Shabbat and Yom Tov from any faucet in your house without a doubt of transgression.


Certified by the AV Beth Din Rabbi Benyamin Weiss and approved by all the city's Dayanim, Zomet Institut, and some of the most respected rabbis in Israel. AMNON18 will become an integral part of your Jewish household. Wash your children, do dishes, Netilah or anything you desire with serenity.

The use of hot water during Shabbat from any faucet is strictly prohibited by Jewish law.
By opening the hot water faucet, you are automatically letting cold water enter the hot water tank containing water with a temperature greater than YAD SOLEDET BO, which makes it “Bishul Beshabbat”.
Secondly, by using hot water from your faucet, water temperature within the tank will drop and cause the elements or burner to ignite, which is considered “Kindling a fire”.

YAD   יד


BO בו       

Opening the hot water faucet on Shabbat isn’t the only unintentional act that one may do, shutting it off is prohibited as well.

"By installing an AMNON18, your entire home can use hot water on Shabbat."

The installation of an AMNON18 hot water system for Shabbat and Haggim is the only halachically approved solution.  AMNON18 will make sure that upon entering Shabbat mode the water in the tank will be just under Yad Soledet Bo temperature. In order to keep the water hot throughout Shabbat or Hag, the system will heat the water RANDOMLY multiple times per hour.

 Be the first in your community to enjoy KOSHER hot water on Shabbat.

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