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There are countless reasons why you might need the AMNON18 system, and we'll let you decide what they are. The AMNON18 system is unique because it provides 100% Kosher water during Shabbat and Yom Tov, unlike any other method of using hot water on Shabbat. Its patented technology is designed to work with any hot water system on the market. Additionally, the system is fully modular, so you only need to install the modules that you require. If you change your hot water system to a different type in the future, you can acquire an appropriate add-on module to continue using the AMNON18 without losing your initial investment.


Which modules do I need?

Basic package

The basic package is essential for installing the AMNON18 system. It includes the following items: the AMNON18 controller, a basic re-circulation pump, a digital thermometer, the Mashguiah valve, the Autobalance valve, and all the push-fit connectors required for a 3/4" pipe installation. This package is compatible with an electric hot water tank up to 4500W.

Gas Pilot

A hot water tank with a standing pilot is one of the most straightforward types available. By integrating the Gas Pilot module with your AMNON18 unit, you gain precise control over the tank's ignition, allowing you to regulate the water temperature effectively. The module comprises a solenoid Gas valve designed for use with Natural or Propane gas, a gas pipe, all required gas connectors, and a dedicated control switch for the gas valve. Furthermore, it's worth noting that all components hold certifications from CSA US/CAN and UL, ensuring compliance with safety and quality standards.

Gas Power Vent

The Gas power vent module is designed to seamlessly control a power vent or electronic ignition gas hot water tank without requiring any modifications. This means you can enjoy the advanced features of these tanks without compromising their safety or normal operation.

Indirect heating

An energy-efficient solution is the indirect heating tank. It uses a boiler to heat the house during the winter and also provides domestic hot water throughout the year. This module is compatible with any type of indirect hot water system available in the market, and it will not interfere with your household heating.


The electric hot water tanks offer the most variety in sizes but are not the most efficient or quick to recover. However, they are the most affordable option. Generally, large families will use dual tanks to ensure they have enough hot water available. The basic package of the AMNON18 is compatible with these tanks, so no additional ignition modules are required if you have an electrically heated hot water tank.


A never-ending source of domestic hot water is an absolute dream come true for many families, but unfortunately, this type of hot water system isn't kosher. To benefit from endless and kosher hot water in your home, you'll have to use the Tankless module and one of the following options:


1. Electric hot water heater with a capacity of at least 30 gallons (50 gallons is recommended). The AMNON18 system provides kosher hot water during Shabbat and Yom Tov while still offering unlimited hot water on regular days. This setup requires an electric connection to a 240V/30A panel. We also have an alternative solution if connecting to the panel is not feasible.


2. The self-heating module is compatible with the Tankless module. In this system, the AMNON18 uses the tankless system to heat the water in a storage tank or an electric hot water tank. No electrical connection is required for this option.

Heat Exchanger

An energy-efficient system designed for versatile heating needs. While controlling hot water temperature on weekdays is not a problem with a heat exchanger, it poses a different challenge during Shabbat and Yom Tov. This is where the Heat Exchanger module comes into play. The module consists of a control board and valves that will manage the tank temperature round the clock without affecting other areas heated by the heat exchanger, such as floor heating, garage entrance, etc.


One of the most powerful and oldest methods for heating water is the oil module. It allows you to control the oil-heated tank, leaving you with your old tech but highly efficient hot water tank.

Multiple tanks

Multiple tanks, much hot water, but only one AMNON18 is needed. The fundamental idea behind the AMNON18 system is to regulate one tank, which we call the Kosher tank. However, what should be done with the second tank, which we refer to as the GOY tank? The AMNON18 system operates continuously, controlling the flow to and from all tanks, whether they are connected in series or in parallel. During Shabbat and Yom tov, only the Kosher tank will provide Kosher hot water for the house.

Multi Dwelling

One cost-effective investment is to have the AMNON18 installed on one tank. During the week, each house will use its own hot water tank. On Shabbat or Yom Tov, the system will switch the flow of hot water to the rest of the building from the Kosher tank, shutting off the flow from all the non-kosher or GOY tanks. With this setup, every home will require a Multi Dwelling module to enjoy Kosher hot water.

Remote Drain

AMNON18 always has you covered. If there is no drain available in the area of the hot water tank, or if the auto-balance valve has no drain connection, a remote drain module is available. This module allows the auto-balance process to drain hot water from anywhere in the house remotely.


Power outages are a common occurrence in many communities. When the power goes out, it affects electrical devices such as boilers, ovens, and the AMNON18. The AMNON18 controls all the valves, so when it shuts off, there's no ignition and no hot water flowing out of the tanks. To keep the AMNON18 working during power outages, you'll need a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) with a power of 900W or higher. Homes with generators also need a UPS to bridge the gap until the generators kick in. The UPS module is compatible with any UPS and will manage the AMNON18 resources during a power outage to preserve as much battery power as possible.

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