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Frequently Asked Questions

Over the years we've been asked many questions regarding the system and we've compiled some of the most asked questions & answers for you. 

Who approves the AMNON18 system

Every Rabbi or Institution that looked at, studied and analyzed the AMNON18 has approved it. You may find some of the most respected Rabbis Haskamot on the home page. Some will look at the Haskamot and buy it, and others will ask their local Rabbi to look at the Haskamot and get his approval. Either way, you will get the blessing to install the AMNON18 system.

Is it kosher for me?

The AMNON18 is built-in with all the Halachot, Shitot & Chumrot that exist in the Jewish religion. Once the system is installed you may fully customize it to your Halachic needs. You may pick and mix any Halachic setting that your heart wishes.

Which calendar does the system follow?

The AMNON18 system DOESN'T follow any calendar per se. The system uses Geolocation to calculate shkiya (Sunset) and therefore it will calculate Shabbat time right above your home. Just tell the system how many minutes before sunset you would like it to go into Shabbat mode and you're set. As for Yom Tov, The system is preloaded with holiday dates until 2059 for now. 

Is Yom Tov mandatory for use?

Although Yom Tov dates are preloaded into the AMNON18 system until 2059, Some clients don't have the necessity for this feature. A homeowner may disable the Yom Tov option and therefore, no Halachic Yom Tov rules will apply, such as ignition randomization during the holidays. Yom Kippur will always be active

How easy is it to change the Halachic settings?

Easy as a few clicks of a button. By using the AMNON18 app, a person can connect to the system and modify the desired setting. Once done, you'll need to press disconnect and the system will restart automatically with the new settings.

How does the system ensure my hot water is KOSHER?

Depending on the tank you have and the configuration you set, you can have regular hot water until just minutes before Shabbat. Depending on your settings, the system will automatically drain the right amount of hot water from anywhere between 59 minutes to 1 minute. The AMNON18 system comes with the Mashgiah valve, which won't let you use hot water if the hot water isn't KOSHER. If Shabbat starts and the hot water isn't at KOSHER temperature yet, the valve will close, not letting you use the hot water and only once the water temperature is KOSHER will the valve reopen.

How does the system prevents the fire from going on, after cold water is introduced into tank?

Once the AMNON18 system is installed on your tank, it controls the water flow and the ignition/heating, which means that on weekdays it will work normally but on Shabbat and Yom tov the system will go into RANDOM ignitions (Non-Grama or Psik reshe).

What if there’s a power outage?

Thanks to a coin cell battery inside AMNON18, the date and time are always updated. The moment power comes back, AMNON18 will restart automatically with the current date and time.

Does the system require regular maintenance?

NO. AMNON18 is designed to run reliably with no user intervention required. AMNON18 runs self-diagnostics continuously and in the eventuality of a problem will display an error message on its LCD display or signal an error condition via the LED lights on the front of the controller box.

Does the system work with multiple hot water tanks?

Having multiple tanks is a non-issue for the AMNON18 system. The tank having the AMNON18 installed on, will be the kosher tank and any other tank is called the GOY tank. During the week, you'll be able to enjoy all the hot water from both tanks, once Shabbat or Yom tov starts the GOY tank(s) will no longer provide hot water to the house, therefore only the kosher tank will be providing hot water to the entire house. Upon Motzeh Shabbat or Hag, The Goy tank(s) will become available automatically.

What type of hot water tank is compatible with AMNON18?

AMNON18 was designed to support any type of hot water system that you may have, whether it's Electric, Gas, Oil, Indirect heating or On-Demand, AMNON18 can handle it!

Where do you install the

The AMNON18 system will be installed right next to your hot water tank. The size of the system is 12”x12” and all the components are connected to the top of the tank. You don’t need any extra space to install the system unless you have a tankless system which
required a small hot water as an add-on.

Do I need Internet to use the

No internet or network of any sort is needed for the AMNON18 to function. The system is accessible through Bluetooth and a mobile app. As for Shabbat timing , upon  installation the Geolocation of your home will be entered and therefore Shkiya will be
calculated right above your home.

Is there any thing to do before

The AMNON18 system is fully automatic and works 24/7. There is nothing to do before or after Shabbat or Yom Tov. Right before Shabbat, the system lowers the temperature of the tank under Yad Soledet, and after Shabbat, it reheats the water to the weekday temperature.

My plumber told me that I
have a "Custom"  system, will
AMNON18 work with it?

We are proud to say that the AMNON18 system is compatible with any hot water system on the market today. Therefore, you can install the AMNON18 controller with your hot water system. We have yet to find a configuration that does not work with the AMNON18.

Will I have the same
temperature and hot water
availability as before?

Once the system is installed, it is imperceptible to anyone who doesn’t know it’s installed. Nothing will change except that now, you’ll be able to use Kosher hot water on Shabbat from every faucet in your home.

Will the system work with Thermostatic faucet or Showers?

YES, it will. However, if your thermostatic valves are not working properly (Old or Defective mixing cartridges), maybe you're not even aware of it, the AMNON18 system will detect such an issue as a reverse flow, which means that if you open the cold water faucet in your kitchen, you will cause the cold water to flow into the hot water pipes during the week including Shabbat through the defective mixing valve. As a result, this would transgress the prohibition of bishul on Shabbat. Additionally, you may feel that your hot water isn't as hot as it should be on Shabbat once the system is installed, and hot water will flow into your cold water pipes. We have seen this issue through the years, and the solution is very simple: replace the cartridge.

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